This is my actual bookclub. In developing this website, I consulted with my fellow bibliophiles, using their advice on background colors and the lips logo. I hope that they will feel that I have done our group justice.
Original Bad Teachers Bookclub meeting class requirements with a table and form.Original
Updated Bad Teachers Bookclub with carousel, in-page links & new contact formlogo_2


This is the Oklahoma Business Systems Website which I have redone.  The former website was about 20 different pages of prices which were totally out-of-date.  The graphics and font were stale and it was overly verbose.  I have “slimmed” it down with the goal of a better user experience and provided links to the corporate website.  This is a work in progress as I continue to tweak different aspects.
Oklahoma Business Systems


This is my layout assignment. I designed a website for the fictional Harmony Spa using Faux Absolute Positioning. Layout Project


Examples of my PhotoShop work:


My Discography Project is a tribute to Trans-Siberian Orchestra and features a parallax slider on the cover page, a carousel with lyrics on each page in the website and embedded video. Trans-Siberian Orchestra Discography


My restaurant mockup Rockin’ Rolls

The new Rockin’ Rolls website with a JavaScript menu and a polaroid quote on the first pageJS Rockin’ Rolls

This page is a recreation of the FWA.com landing page. It offers a tilted slideshow with a 3-D perspective. It is a celebration of my much loved dogs, Little and Ice. There are a few quirks with this tilted slideshow. It doesn’t perform as designed in IE, although it does look sort of intriguing.
Tilted Aussie Slideshow