About TeKS

TeKS IT Services is a new start-up founded in 2013. After 20 years in education of one form or another (university, high school, and private), I am ready to make a change to my other passion and that is computers. When I am not trying to get my dogs trained or creating a new masterpiece in the kitchen, I am doing something on the computer. With the support of my very technologically gifted husband (and the dogs who would love for me to be home writing code with them) I am ready to make the leap.

We offer multiple areas of service for your office and home:

  • Software Training: We can help you learn to set up email, Facebook, Twitter or use Microsoft office, Dropbox and many other programs. Now offering Quickbooks training.
  • Computer Troubleshooting: Clean debris and dust from computer; defragment hard drive; Spyware and virus removal; moving data from one computer to another; installation of operating systems and software.
  • Web Design: We can design a website to fit your needs and help promote your company. We will help you make your web presence known.

In addition, we can offer networking services and analysis of your computer needs,as well as serve as your purchasing agent or build a computer system to order. TeKS is ready to help your business grow.

Contact TeKS:

  • teksitserviceokc@gmail.com
  • 405-203-7602